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Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue (FARR) is a primarily self funded, 100% volunteer and donation based,  GFAS Verified, 501(c)(3) nonprofit forever animal rescue/sanctuary located on thirty nine acres north of Topeka, Kansas. Although our name includes the word Ranch, we DO NOT breed, sell, adopt out, show or compete. We simply enjoy the love, loyalty, friendship and companionship of our rescue family members. We are content feeding, grooming and spending quality time with them therefore we are well suited for rescue. Those who come into our care become permanent members of our sanctuary family and live out their lives with us never knowing hunger, neglect, cruelty, fear or abandonment ever again.  We also transport and foster for other rescues and advocate for new and improved animal protection legislation as a means of improving the lives of more animals than we can possibly provide lifetime care for ourselves.  We  vehemently oppose  the slaughter of  equines both  wild and domestic from an animal welfare, moral, ethical and food safety perspective.  

We adore all animals but rescue primarily Arabian horses and Rottweiler dogs as we have over twenty five years experience with and understand the distinctive personalities of these breeds. Both are often stereotyped, misunderstood and discriminated against making them less likely to be placed in appropriate homes. We further seek to offer sanctuary to those who might be considered by some to be undesirable due to advanced age, medical conditions, behavioral issues, imperfections or physical limitations.

Donations to Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue are tax deductible, much appreciated and go directly toward the care of our fifteen sanctuary family members which include five horses, four dogs and five cats. Please mail donations to P.O. Box 75, Meriden, KS 66512 or  send via PayPal to

We are currently unable to offer sanctuary to more animals but we do have future  expansion plans.  If you have or know of an animal in need of rescue, please call the Humane Society in your area or contact us for referral to a rescue organization near you. If you see an animal being neglected or abused, please immediately contact your  local Animal Control or Law Enforcement Agency.

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